Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A LAST last word...

Okay, so obviously the last post was not the last. I know, you're all jumping with joy!

The webinar we had tonight was amazing! I was excited to share what we'd learned, but I honestly wasn't sure whether people would find it helpful or interesting. In preparing for it, I was reminded--just slightly--of practicing my dinky little piano solo for the recital when I was a kid...

Thankfully, the webinar did not end up simply torturing (piano recital-esque) the attendees! I was really excited about the questions they were asking and the discussion that was going on. I really loved sharing my own insights that I've gained through this class, as well as hearing the insights of my class members. It was really amazing to realize that the things we've learned in this class are exactly what lots of people out there are trying to learn, or wish they could learn. I wish we would have had more time to talk about everything!

It was just a great opportunity to look back and realize how much digital literacy I really have learned, and how much I now have to share with others. Digital literacy really is a skill that is not necessarily easily learned, but once we put time and investment into it, it has totally changed our lives. At least, it's changed my life. And that's not a sappy exaggeration.

It was, in truth, difficult sometimes to follow the webinar, as I was trying to both listen to what my classmates were saying and to follow the chat stream, as well as offer whatever insights I wanted (typing as furiously as possible before the subject was changed) via chat. It was difficult, but it was okay! I just had to keep reminding myself to relax, breathe, and remember that I didn't need to pay attention to everything. I was still able to keep up with the general flow of conversation. (But I'm excited to watch the recording so I can get even more out of it!)

The webinar was a reminder of how much we really can help other people. I have a voice, I have something to say. Sometimes I feel very ignorant and helpless as a college student, still trying to get my degree. But I need to just dive in and join the conversation, because what I have to say matters.

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